Sunday, February 17, 2013

Naples Pier Sparkle

Naples Pier Sparkle 9"x12" Oil On Linen

 This 9"x12" was painted plein air on Naples Beach at the pier, hence the name. It was a busy day at the beach with lots of people on the beach and the pier itself. I always enjoy painting "into" the light and this one was timed perfectly. As the afternoon sun moved over the pier giving that glorious sparkle on the water I set to work. There was just enough time to capture the intensity of the experience before the sun had moved on.

As always, painting in public draws attention. I had the privilege of meeting several tourists and a local who insisted on making interesting conversation the last half of the painting time. Thankfully, I was able to do two things at once without offending him or the painting.

"Naples Pier Sparkle" is destined for Gardner Colby Gallery in Naples. I also look forward to working this up in the studio as a larger composition. Thanks for reading!