Friday, November 30, 2012

Florida Studio Paintings

Naples Pier Nocturne 24"x18"

Evening Rain 18"x24"

 These two studio paintings are part of a series of paintings available at Gardner Colby Gallery in Naples, FL. They are both closely tied to field paintings, one of which has already sold through Gardner Colby. The "Naples Pier Nocturne" 12"x9" work was painted while chatting with a local policeman. We had an intriguing conversation about his present job and the local area. He was an interesting guy I hope to meet again during my painting trip in January.
The "Evening Rain" 9"x12" was painted just as it began to rain so I set up in the rental car and painted away. It was fast and furious but worth the extra effort. It has a twin painted right after when the rain cleared cleverly titled, "After The Rain". I will be doing a studio painting of that for Gardner Colby as well and be sure to post as soon as it is finished.