Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Florida Painting Trip

Extraordinary SW Florida

I have just returned from a wonderful opportunity to travel to SW Florida on a painting trip this January.  Please understand, I live in upstate NY where I left two+ feet of snow and freezing conditions so it goes without saying no one twisted my arm to take this trip.

Unfortunately, Erin had to stay behind and I was all work and no play while visiting my former home in the sunshine state. I produced close to 40 paintings/studies while there and look forward to posting several of the more finished pieces here. Studio pieces for Gardner Colby will also be forthcoming.

Speaking of Gardner Colby Gallery, I was able to extend my visit in order to attend an opening at the gallery.  The images below are four of my paintings hanging during the opening. Afterwards, I was invited to dinner with Nancy and Tony the owners along with Pamela the manager, and artists John Schuyler and Ran Adler. A great time was had by all.

Studio Paintings at Gardner Colby

Plein Air Paintings at Gardner Colby