Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Still Painting

I've posted a few paintings from last fall and wanted to show some recent field work in this post. These five paintings are the highlights from this last week of painting outdoors. We had a couple really unusual pleasant days early in the week with sunshine all day long... I'll take 'em where I can get 'em. The rest of the week; not so pleasant. Thursday night and Friday we got "dumped on" as you might be able to tell from the last image painted while it was coming down in a near white out.
Just wanted to let you know, I'm still painting.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Olana Twilight

Here's another painting from this fall. Some "artist types" might recognize that lazy curve of the Hudson River as the view from the incomparable landscape painter of the 19th ct. Fredrick Church's home Olana. This 6"x12" in oil was painted just as the sun was retiring at twilight and there was a silvery glow bathing everything in diffuse light and giving me a very short time to capture it. I had a great time painting with my friend Jamie Grossman that day and I hope to return someday soon. Olana is a magical place for a landscape painter.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Morning Light

"Morning Light" was painted on a local farm here in upstate New York this autumn. This 8"x10" is in oil and was a joy to paint. The weather couldn't have been more pleasant as the sun was on the rise and the fall colors were well underway. I couldn't resist adding the groups of cattle as they moved in for their morning feed. Reminds me of growing up in the rural midwest... minus all the mountains of course.