Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reception at Gallery 3040

Gallery 3040 in Old Forge, New York will be hosting a reception for yours truly Friday, August 6th, 5-8 pm. Erin and I would love to see you there. Gallery 3040 is a special place in Old Forge. Owner Deb Burrington has focused on only handcrafted work from a select group of fine artists; you'll find original works in oil, pastel, and watercolor. Deb has also collected gorgeous pottery, glass work and jewelry from the Northwest of the country as well.
As for me, I have 25 plein air pieces as well as studio paintings in oil at Gallery 3040... thus the reason for the reception :) I'm told there will be wine and a good time had by all so we'd love to see you there.
Attached is the latest studio painting just delivered to Gallery 3040, "Blaze of Glory" at 12"x24". The picture doesn't do it justice (I promise) so you have to come to the reception to fully appreciate... :)

Hope to see you there,



  1. Always a good treat for the eyes to see a new painting from you, beautiful sunset, I wish you a good show and a lots of red dots.

  2. Thanks Jesus! red dots... hehe :)

  3. It was nice to meet you at the Gallery 3040 reception. I'm sure you met many people that night, but we did exchange cards, Cheryl - The Painted Canvas. Anyway, "Blaze of Glory" was my favorite. I hope you had lots of red dots at the end of the night.