Monday, April 19, 2010

Blaze of Glory

This 6"x12" was a real challenge and not just because the sun was setting fast. I had HIGH winds to say the least. It was so bad I had to use one hand and part of my body to "lean" into the easel to keep it from flying off as I painted with the other hand :) It's a miracle I got anything!
The sunsets here in upstate New York can be just fabulous and It's such a privilege to try an capture one.



  1. nice painting Chad , the loose approach gives a freshness to it, and you always choose a nice arrange of colors. I would like to ask you if you premix, or you mix as you go?.

  2. Thanks Jesus,
    I mix as I go responding to what I am seeing. Thinking Value first, general hue and relative temperature. Of course any shifts in aforementioned areas I can pick up on are important.

  3. love it chad
    you cought such a great mood
    and your values are spot on!

  4. Nice work chad love the chunkyness!

  5. Thanks William... I think :)