Sunday, March 14, 2010

Evening Thaw

Painted this 6"x12" tonight as the light was fading over quickly thawing snow. I've always enjoyed this format and it's perfect for compositions here in upstate New York. The long rolling hills, open fields and stretching skies beg to be painted in this format. My wife and I drive by this area regularly and we both were taken by the beauty of this evening noticing patterns of the melting snow and rich chromatic mountains in the far distance. With her encouragement I ventured out as evening approached and I'm glad I did. I plan to employ this 6"x12" size on a far more frequent basis... It's perfect for this area :)



  1. Nicely done, Chad...that format is nice. Just feels right for the eyes anyway, panning the horizon. Great color, values...nice mood. The total package here...

    Larry Seiler

  2. Thanks Larry,
    I really like that 6"x12" format. Appreciate the kind comments!

  3. another beauty Chad, I agree with your format.myself I am finishing a 8 X 16 and I like the panoramic effect

  4. Thanks for the comment Jesus,
    This format IS perfect for capturing the breadth of the landscape.

  5. Hi Chad!.... Found your wonderful site at Marc Hanson's site. I love the painterly and honest plein air work that you have posted.

    Your work is vibrant in colour and mood! Keep up the great work... I'm a Follower and will be checkin' in regularly!

    Good painting!
    Bruce Sherman

  6. Hi Bruce,
    I appreciate your eloquent and kind comments!
    Glad to hear from you and make a new online friend :)

    Good painting to you,