Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early March

Ok... so most of the snow is gone by now. Nevertheless, it is still March and I liked this 6"x8." This was early enough in the morning that the farm and house in the distance were obscured by thick atmosphere and light. As I was looking for a painting subject the overall hazed effect fascinated me. Almost monochromatic yet there were definate warm touches throughout. Although I painted this in upstate New York it reminds me of growing up in the midwest; farms, fields, and lots of flat land. I'll admit, I hope this is the last "snow" painting I do until next December :)



  1. nice painting Chad, very suggestive, I think that even if we love the snow,every body else wants to see sunshine and warm weather.I already gave up snow until maybe November, cheers

  2. Jesus,
    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the change of seasons... but I'm ready for the warm weather myself :)

  3. It´s wonderful! The fine blue light reflecion on the snow - perfect. Greetings from Luzia.