Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Incident!

No painting with this update and let me tell you why. My usual process in the field is to scout out interesting compositions as I'm traveling. Well, I found this little spot with a nice road to lead through to fields on either side with mountains in the background; nice. If I can find somebody, I always ask permission to paint on someones property etc. but there was no one in sight so I just parked along the side of the road near an empty gravel lot and began to work. Just as I was getting into the drawing I hear sirens and see 4 county sheriff cars heading my way... hmmm. As the lead car pulled up beside me he asked " did you call the sheriff?", "no, and I haven't seen anything suspicious either" was my response.
All the while I noticed a lady standing in her front yard down the road. Yep, she had called FOUR sheriff's away from whatever they were doing roaring down the road lights & sirens because an artist painting in his car was apparently... a suspicious menace and a threat :)
Needless to say the sheriff was a little agitated and amused... and so was I.


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